The main motive of the players in Merge Magic is to merge several items to turn them into powerful ones. Players should always complete the different levels and stages faster to make progress. They can merge eggs in order to hatch magical creatures and also take part in many other activities. Beginners should always try to give their best while solving the different challenging levels where they need to match the items. It is also important to bring the rewards back to the garden in order to collect them.

Plenty of challenges are out there where players will get a chance to match more than 500 objects. Merge objects and keep completing different challenges and stages of the game. They should also take part in different events with advanced creatures that they can take back to the garden.

Always start with the tutorial

Every game offers a tutorial feature to help the beginners. When you start playing Merge Magic, then you should opt for the tutorial mode to get assistance. Completing the tutorial will help them to know about the gameplay and controls. After the completion of the tutorial, players can unlock the home base where you can build or buy some items. You can acquire these items in the home base without issues. Players need to Merge Magic Hack on a unique goal where they should merge several types of objects.

Focus on the tutorial, and then you will easily get assistance while completing the different stages as well as  challenges of the game. Try to make a good plan and then implement it in solving the puzzles quickly to grab the rewards.

Merge similar items

The main concept of the game is all about merging items, so you should always keep this in mind. Start with merging only two items of the same class, and then you can take your steps further to make progress. You can also opt for merging five similar items in order to gain huge rewards. In this way, you will also improve your overall efficiency. In the initial stages of the game, you will get 3-combo options, but later, you can access new options.

After completing a few stages, you can find new opportunities to find big combos that offer amazing and better rewards. You may also get 4 to 5 items of the same class in some stages. Never merge only three items because the other ones may create difficulties in the future.

Replay stages

When you complete some stages in the game, then you can also replay them again to get better rewards. After completing any level, you can also view it to see the rewards that you can get after completing them. When you complete any level, then you will be provided with some amazing rewards. You can also complete some stages for three times to get more rewards. Keep completing the stages again and again to grab the best rewards.

Hope, these tactics may help beginners to beat the difficult stages smoothly to level up their ranking in the game.