Coins are the virtual currency of Merge Magic that players can acquire by beating the different challenges and stages. The currency aspect shouldn’t be ignored by the players as it has great importance. When you are on the garden screen, then you can check the number of coins you have at the top center position. You can acquire a limited number of coins at one time, so try to be smart. Selling the dead plants, eggs, as well as blessed trees, allow players to earn coins. But make sure whether you require this stuff or not before going to sell them.

By completing any level, you will be asked to choose your rewards. If you have an option to choose coins as a reward, then go for it. And, go to the garden in order to claim this reward. Chests are also helpful in acquiring coins, so you shouldn’t let this opportunity go.

Tips to acquire more coins

Collecting coins is the main aim of the players to which they should focus in the right manner. When you play the game, you will get many opportunities to acquire coins. To know how to earn coins with ease, you should check out the points mentioned below.

  • Goal stars – When you complete several quests as well as levels in the game, then you will be provided with some goal stars. These stars also appear in the garden on a random basis. After acquiring the goal stars, you can get several items like coins, gems as well as blessing orbs.
  • Lift the curse – When you lift the curse from the cursed land, then you will be provided with a bunch of rewards like coins as well as treasure chests. Players can easily expand the garden after getting the magic power.
  • Merging – When you start merging objects, then you should also merge coins of the same level instead of collecting them. In this way, you will be provided with a high-level coin that is beneficial to acquire a good number of coins.

Along with these tips, players are also able to purchase coins from the game shop. You can collect coins according to the storage level you have. And that’s why you should never forget to build as well as upgrade the coin storage.

Never forget to grab daily rewards

Grabbing the daily rewards can help players to increase their funds. Every day, you will find some quests in the game that you need to complete. Try to perform better, and you will get amazing rewards. Daily, you can get some rewards by accomplishing the tasks and with Merge Magic Cheats. You may also get coins and other important currencies in the form of rewards.

Collect all of your rewards and then spend them wisely to make progress in the game. Try to spend more time on your garden, and it can enhance your overall progress. Also, tap on the flying seeds in order to drop some plants that you can merge.