Merge Magic Hack – Easiest Way To Cheat Gems

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Merge Magic Hack – Easiest Way To Cheat Gems

Probably the best mobile title in Puzzle Genre aren’t that good as games offered by Gram Games Limited. They are literally taking over this genre and coming up with some marvelously designed free to play smartphone games.

Merge Magic is their new title after getting a resounding success from the previous editions of a similar game. This one is not unique, but it has some new elements and a different finish that you are going to love.

Guess what, if you have downloaded the game and learning from the tutorial and going with the legit playstyle taught by tutorial then you are not going far with the same. The in-game method is pretty weak, and it isn’t going to make a fraction of the expert.

So, we put some extra work making this guide, and all these tips are going to help you earn extra that you haven’t ever desired off. Not able to move more tiles or complete a level in a given time, don’t worry.

The below mentioned are some tips that are definitely for beginners and amateur gamers. One thing to remember, this guide is all about pushing the limits instead of going after any third-party website for free currencies.



Push Your Merging Limit

Still, trying to merge two items at a time? Well, you are doing it wrong and missing a lot because merging two items will not provide anything at all. If you look after merging more than two tiles, then you will earn extra rewards from the same.

Over time, you will learn it, but if you know this tip at the beginning of the game, then you can progress through simple levels. It is important that you push limits to a far end and try matching five items at once.

The reward is easy to earn, and it can be anything ranging from virtual currencies to extra land for the new building. You can get rid of dead land by this method, and it takes you toward a better end, which will be an effective option.

When you are kept on merging more items, you are moving toward the better class. It is not only an important deal, but it is also about the unlock of better stuff, which will help in upcoming levels.

Energy balls and Their Importance

Energy balls might be hard to understand a thing for the first time because they don’t appear just after getting into the game. You wait for them by completing plenty of initial levels, and they appear later.

Whenever the energy balls pop, you are definitely going to thank your creatures. This will help to purify part of the land and using the rest part. It gives you some new opportunities and puts an extra end in the progression part.

Gamers might not discover it just by getting into the game, and even the developers aren’t mentioning much about the same. So, after a couple of times, you can guess what they do. The same action is effective for the personal garden.

The free space is good for extra things, and it will help you harvest. The need for spending your virtual currencies decreases at such points. You can save plenty of coins by this method or get with Merge Magic Hack, and it is an effective choice also.

Building Houses

As you will be emptying land, so it is important that you use the same for working creatures. You can create tree houses, and these houses are also active. You will be creating the houses for working creatures that will come in handy for sure.

When the creatures are harvesting objects in the personal garden, they will look for a place to rest. But, if you don’t have anything for their relaxation, then this will get complicated, and you can’t have more working creatures.

It takes a few coins to create treehouses, and they are going to come in handy. Make sure that you spend coins at this part because it is important, and it leads toward a better progression for sure.

Earning Enough Coins and Gems

After getting through the creature restroom thing, you will find going out of coins and gems. Eventually, the coin is easy to earn, but you need to spend it on so many things, which makes it primary currency. However, gems are less used, but they are used for premium stuff, so that one is the premium currency. To earn both, you can follow –

  • To buy starter eggs, you need gold coins, and the easiest form of earning coin is merging items but not two items a time. When you merge more than two items, then you earn a coin as a reward.
  • Facebook plays a role in the game to give you free coins. You can connect the gaming account to social media, and this will let you earn more. Even though you have done it, you can still earn more by inviting friends on this portal.
  • The daily bonus is free, but you need to open the game every day. It doesn’t matter how much time you play the game; you will get a daily bonus. So, do not forget to get free coins and gems by this method.
  • The in-app purchases option is also a legit method, but you need to spend real currency for the same. Try to avoid this method, but if you don’t have any other option, then look after a starter pack to make a flow of Coins and Gems.

These are some important tips from the experts that you need to look after. If you are not considering the same, then chances of losing in levels increases, and it will make you progress at a slower rate.


While earning coins and gems, you can go with harvesting and overlap options. They won’t affect earning, but they let you progress. This game is all about patience, and if you are not considering the same, then chances of getting into issues increase. Hope, this guide will ease up the work for you.

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